We have just launched our CheckaBaby Smiles a Loyalty and Referral Program for our valued and loyal customers where you can redeem its rewards in form of discount coupons or $Rebates. The mechanics of the CheckaBaby Smiles Program is explained in the following:

Loyalty Program:

Earn Smile Points by simply taking different actions and turn those Smile Points into rewards! Here are the different actions that you need to take and the corresponding Smile Points you get:

Create a Store Account: 300 Smile Points

Place an Order: 1 Smile Point for every $1 spent

Celebrate a Birthday: 200 Smile Points

Share on Facebook: 50 Smile Points

Share on Twitter: 50 Smile Points


How to redeem your Smile Points?

Minimum threshold is 500 Smile Points

500 Smile Points = $5 Off Discount

1,000 Smile Points = $10 Off Discount

1,500 Smile Points = $15 Off Discount

2,000 Smile Points = $20 Off Discount

2,500 Smile Points = $25 Off Discount

No limit in accumulating Smile Points and no expiry unless otherwise stated or inform in writing.


Referral Program:

Share with your friends and you both earn rewards:

They get 10% off coupon

You get $10 off discount